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My husband and I enjoy welcoming guests to our little corner of this wonderful island.  We moved here in 2017 to start a new life of retirement, rest and relaxation, which was our dream for several years before we took the plunge, and we have absolutely no regrets.

The house is situated in a small farming community, and the local folk are extremely friendly. There are plenty of walks which can start and end at the gate, and a short walk to the village you will find great places to eat, and now a small supermarket, all you need to enjoy this end of our island paradise. Equally if you hire a car, no part of the Island is inaccessible from here, just an hour to the airport and a little more to the far east of the Island, so it is a good base for exploring from.

Our German Shepherd Zen, who is now getting on in years, flew over with us. He then adopted us a poor abandoned kitten, Rusty, he was a  sad sick little fellow but after careful treatment he is now an affectionate cat. Then in 2018 we took in an abandoned dog, near death from starvation, and after 3 days discovered she had 7 puppies hidden nearby so spent our summer raising them and getting her better. We homed all the puppies and kept Mystery who is great company for Zen.  The animals are not allowed into the guest suite and on the whole are well behaved and they cannot disturb you when you come and go with the gates set up we now have, but if you like pets they do love the attention and some extra cuddles.

We strive to give you great comfort, a warm friendly welcome, and help as much as we can with suggestions on places to visit.  Do come and join us!!

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